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Puma IP Series - Hunting & Folding Knives

Puma IP Series Hunting Knives South AfricaThe international production of PUMA - PUMA IP - is based on the successful cooperation between PUMA Solingen with selected Spanish partner-manufacturers. Design, production supervision and quality control is done by PUMA, knives are made in Spain. The result is a balanced assortment of knives for hunting and trekking activities in the best price-performance ratio.

Apart from classic staghorn scales used by PUMA, many of the IP knives are provided with wooden scales - in many cases they are equipped with olive wood. The rugged, southern European wood is extremely suitable, as it is very tough and durable. A special series for PUMA IP was developed in 2010 by PUMA chief designer HP Knoop for the 240-year company's anniversary.

PUMA IP jagdnicker 240 olive, PUMA IP pal 240 olive and PUMA IP white hunter 240 olive which are equipped with scales of olive wood, were developed on basis of the original PUMA jagdnicker, pal and hunter according to the latest ergonomic knowledge. This series offers hunters and friends of nature traditional blades in a new look at attractive prices.

So wherever your expedition takes you the IP Series provides the most durable cutting tool you will ever need.

Puma IP Series
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olive handled hunter... Ergonomic cubby hole knife

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SKU: 820674

Product information "PUMA IP huntman II olive (phase-out model)" Blade length: 120 mm Blade...

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PUMA IP armiño, ebony Item Number: 824110

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SKU: 844441

elegant two tone pocket knife

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SKU: 844421

Puma IP armino black MY SPUR Steak knife

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PUMA IP cárabo birch Item Number: 822125

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Steel: 440 C/57-60 HRC PUMA IP Catamount 2 Eiche/ Oak

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SKU: 845915

Survival knife with fire starter

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Steel: 440 C/57-60 HRC PUMA IP Climbing Micarta Hollow ground lighttweight Backpacking knife

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